Commercial Real Estate

SL&V takes a full service approach to getting your commercial development projects up and running on time and within budget. Some of the real estate services we offer include:

·         Title Examinations and Title Insurance;
·         Commercial and Retail Leasing and Condominiums;
·      Acquisition and Construction Financing;
·      Negotiating and Closing Purchase and Sale Agreements;
·         Permitting and Development Approvals;
·         Zoning and Variances;
·         1031 Exchanges;
·         Eminent Domain and Condemnations; and,
·         Real Estate Tax Abatements.

Our real estate practice places strong emphasis on the representation of developers in all types of commercial real estate transactions. We work directly with planning boards, city planners, zoning officials and building inspectors to make sure all zoning and municipal approvals are done right the first time. In addition, we are licensed agents and can issue title insurance for major projects with major national title companies. Because of our unique experience, we understand the many complex problems that can arise in the development process.


We know business planning can be an intricate process. At SL&V, we strive to streamline the process by providing a variety of legal services which include:

·         Entity choice;
·         Business entity formation;
·         Maintaining corporate records and corporate minutes books;
·         Preparing and filing annual corporate documents;
·         Contract negotiations;
·         Financing with private and institutional lenders;
·         Corporate compliance with federal and state laws and regulations; and, 
·         Mergers, acquisitions and sales of asset transactions.

We act as business counsel to companies in a broad range of industries such as automobile dealerships, doctor and physician practices, health care facilities, restaurants, manufacturing companies, banking institutions, and construction companies, hotels and companies in the hospitality management field.


Our banking services include commercial lending, workouts, and regulatory compliance under state and federal consumer and privacy protection laws and regulations. Our attorneys have vast experience servicing financial institutions. As former in house counsel for the largest New Hampshire Bank Holding Company at the time, David Van Der Beken has special insight into developing new products and services, guiding financial institutions through the complex maze of consumer protection regulations and knowing the special needs of banking clients. In addition, Hank Stebbins for many years was general counsel to First NH Banks. Attorneys Stebbins and Van Der Beken are recognized leaders in servicing banking institutions throughout New Hampshire.


At SL&V, we provide representation to protect our clients' trademarks and domain names. We provide intellectual services in the following areas: federal and state registration, monitoring, renewing and protecting trademarks, and negotiating licensing agreements. We also have extensive experience in internet driven businesses with global reach.

Reorganizing and Restructuring

When your company runs into financial difficulties, we are there to help you through the tough times, giving you the best chance to survive for the good times. Our services and advice provide you with options outside of the traditional avenues. We work with you to reorganize your business by restructuring debt with financial institutions, help you through the process of sales of distressed property, and offer other creative ways to get the most out of your business during trying times. By working with SL&V, you get a team of lawyers who work not only on solving the immediate problem, but on ways to optimize your business opportunities in the future.


Our attorneys have broad experience in assisting franchisors and franchisees with their franchise transactions, including developing the optimal corporate structure, developing and negotiation franchise agreements, disclosure documents and licensing agreements, and registering and preserving trademarks.